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Hi! this work in godot 4.x?

not yet! I have to Port it.

Dang. Realized too late

Im in the process of porting this an the neon theme, if you wait me a few days ill may be done with them!

Any progress?

Hey! I still have many tasks behind the schedule, it will take me some time. Im sorry for the delay, but ill do my best to do this as soon as i have some time.

Still many things to fix, but this is the 4.x version so far. Wait me a bit more and ill have it all fixed!

This and the medieval one are the best ones I think.

Hi! I'm glad you like it! The medieval one you mean the Ornate theme?

I think that's the one. Is black but with fancy side decorations looks somewhat gothic/medieval ish.

yeah, thats the ornate one. I'm glad You liked it!

Awesomee!! Keep up the great work!