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Hi! I used this theme and it looks awesome, thanks :)

Im glad you found this useful!

hi, will you update your themes for godot 4?


Yeah! I already started. It will take some time though

love to hear! thanks!

Sorry for the delay, i just uploaded a 4.x version!

How is the port to Godot 4 going, is it still on?

Yeah, is coming soon, sorry for the delay

I just uploaded a 4.x version!

Can I use it in my project? I am making RPG Maker video game project.

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EDIT: So i found a solution, all you have to do is add a Panel into a scene, directly assign it this theme.

Then click on the theme in inspector, click on Panel > Styles, and that shows you the StyleBoxTexture.

You can copy-paste that to the Custom Styles of any PanelContainer and it works. Also, you can then make it unique and save it as a separate file, so you can easily reuse it

Hello, i can see that the Panel node is themed properly, but i can't get it to work with PanelContainer? Is there anything about Godot themes that I am missing? :D thank you for making this theme, it looks awesome

Hey! Sorry for late response! I was sleeping. Yeah i didnt make a style for panel container, but your solution is the right one. 

Don't worry, i totally understand. It is actually quite intuitive in Godot to add the style least i learned something :D now i am ready to add a main menu 😀

Cool! Looking forward to see how your menu ends up looking!


Nice work, are there graphic images included that I can use with another engine? (for this and the ornate one you posted)


thank! Yes  images are included in the zip. Im going to try to make themes for other engines too, if there is an easy way to share then like with godot.