This game is a submission for the GameJam Argentina Online #2.

You were supposed to combine the three most voted themes:

- Alquimia (Alchemy)
- Usa a tus enemigos (use your enemies)
- Amor (Love)

You are an alchemist wizard fighting against men of science. Collect stones to make potions to defeat science once for all!

To win, you have to destroy 4 enemy turrets. You lose if the scientist destroy your turrets first. If you die, you will respawn at the beginning after some time.


  • Movement/Attack: you move and attack with right click, like in DOTA or LOL
  • Q W E R: Throw potions to the mouse position.
  • 1 2 3 4: Make potions, each potion need a certain amount of stones
  • Space: Center camera in player.
  • ESC: Pause menu. You can see the stones required for each potion in this menu also.


  • Health Potion: You can throw it to your allies to heal them. You can also throw it to yourself.
  • Explosion Potion: This potion explodes on impact, damaging all enemies in an area.
  • Love Potion: Throw this to your enemies to make them fall in Love with you. They will fight for you after this!
  • Heracleoforbia (or Food of the Gods): Throw to your allies to make them big! The get increased health, strength, speed and size. You can also throw it to yourself.


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Excelente laburo aza! Considerando que hiciste todo vos sólo, esta buenísimo. Felicitaciones!