Laigter 1.10.3 is out!

Hi everybody! 

This is a new minor release of laigter, but it comes to two big improvements to two features that have been present since a lot ago. But first, let me remind you that if you really like laigter, you can support me in one of these ways:

Maintaining a free and open-source tool is hard work, and any help is really appreciated!

  • First, the tileset support. Previously, you should import each tile separately, and then select neighbors for each tile, to generate normal maps correctly. After that, you should use another soft to make a tileset in a single image, for both the sprites and the normal maps. All that can still be done, but now, you can also work with complete tileset images! You can import an image, select the quantity of vertical and horizontal tiles, and individually choose a neighbor for each tile.

  • The second feature being updated is the Animation Preview support. Previously it was painfully slow, as the way things were implemented, I had to make everything duplicated for each frame. Now, I've reimplemented a bunch of backends and rendering things, and I can properly render animations without the problems I had before. Also, you can configure different animations for a better preview.

  • I added a new export widget. Now the export dock is no longer present. Instead you click export in the toolbar, and you have all the previous features (and more) there.

  • Now you can not only choose what maps to export, and if you want them in the original directory or in a custom directory. You also can invert the y or x-axis of the normal map in export time, so you don't need to alter them on the generation. This is because if you change the axis during generation, you would see the preview inverted, and most of the time users invert an axis because it's a requisite for the engine they are using, not because they really want to invert the map. So it makes more sense to invert them at export time. 

You can also embed one of the grayscale maps (Specular, Parallax, or Occlusion) in the alpha channel of the normal map. I've seen this is useful when writing your own shaders, to have all the info in a single texture. You can also export those three maps as a single RGB texture with "Combine Grayscale Maps". And finally, in addition, you can replace the postfix of the generated maps in the line edits by the checkbox of each of them.

  • I also added support for using a Wacom tablet with the brush plugins.
  • Finally, I fixed some bugs, like some differences that appeared between rendered and exported preview.

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