New Laigter Release!

Hi everybody!
After all this time, I made a small release that fixes some bugs and adds a few more cli commands:


  • Fix specular maps outputting black images when tile mode enabled
  • Fix Parallax preview not showing depth correctly
  • Fix Neighbors not being loaded from the project


  • Now you can pass a comma separated list of images to the cli interface, and it will generate maps for all of them.
  • You can also just pass a directory, and will recursively get all the images there and generate maps.
  • You can choose the output folder in the cli interface to place the generated maps, instead of just besides the original images.
  • The output folder can preserve the folder structure of the input folder, or it can output all the images in the same dir.
  • You can opt to not regenerate maps of images which are older than the last generated map for that image.
  • You can change map suffices in cli.


  • Added simplified chinese translation!

Thats all for now!

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Oh, sorry, ill open an issue to fix this in next minor release.

Thanks for letting me know.


Thanks for the update!


You're the best!