Laigter 1.10 released!

Hi everybody!

Laigter 1.10 is now out for everyone, along with a new brush!

Note: I had to break compatibility with previous version's plugin system. So you will have to re-download and re-install plugins this time. Also, plugins have been moved here.

Before we dive into changes, let me remind you that making an open source tool requires a great effort, so consider supporting me one of this ways if you like my work!


Laigter now has a sprite dock to set properties of the current selected texture. With the new rendering in 1.9.x version, the hability to scale each texture individually was lost. For this (and other features) I creater a dock widget, where (almost) all the texture properties are exposed. You can also now change position/rotation with more precision, and load custom height/specular maps. Check it out here!

Also, as I was going to change the plugin system anyways, I put some little extra effort and made the brushes paint with better performance!

Bug Fixes:

Two mayor things were affecting 1.9.x versions. One was exporting preview not working properly. The other was related to crashed when attempting to load some projects. They should be both fixed now.

Also, I fixed a bug that caused settings not to be applied when using laigter command line arguments.

New Brush:

I created a new plugin. This plugin allows you to download textures from cc0textures and use them to paint on your sprites! I think its quite easy to use, but you can see this devlog if you wanna see a bit more. You can download it for free from the link at the note in the beginning of this post!

And this is all for now. I hope you find Laigter useful!


Laigter 1.10 Installer
Jul 04, 2020
Laigter 1.10 Portable
Jul 04, 2020
Laigter 1.10 Appimage
Jul 04, 2020
Laigter 1.10 Mac (experimental)
Jul 04, 2020

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