Laigter 1.8 is out!

Hi everybody!

Now i bring you the latest release of Laigter, with a little experiment for plugins support, so i (and everyone interested) can extend some functionalities without the need to release a new version.

But before we dive into changes, let me remind you that open source tools like laigter need your support!

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  • Follow me on itchio and twitter!
  • Suggest new features or changes!
  • If you find a bug, report it as an issue on github!

If you have some money to spare and want to contribute with it, it's really helpful! you can:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some bugs that where introduced with multi threading, that sometimes caused laigter to crash.
  • Fixed a bug that caused that the selection rectangle arround the image changed its width when zooming in/out.

Minor Changes:

    • Akien (godot's project manager) contributed with metainfo for Laigter! Desktop file, and appdata file now should make easier for linux users to integrate Laigter with their system. Also, he modified the readme file to state which specific Qt libs are needed to compile Laigter, to make it easier for developers to contribute, without installing whole massive Qt framework.
    • vnen (also godot's core contributor) added brazilian-portuguese translation, and fixed the way translations are loaded!
    • hiulit (great indie dev!) added catalan translation!
    • Now, the list widget containing the textures only display the image file name, in order to make it easier for user to identify what texture is selecting.
    • Larpon (another great gamedev!) added danish translation!
    • Now user can drag n drop a folder full of images, and Laigter will automatically load all of them!

New Feature!

In this release, i'm introducing a plugin system interface, so every developer with some c++ and Qt knowledge can make its own plugins! mainly brushes right now. 

Note 1: If you are interested in making plugins, you can check de Normal Brush Plugin
Note 2: Normal brush plugin is not working in MacOS yet (you can help me if you have a Mac, Qt installeed and know c++ and glsl).
Note 3: Plugin's interface is in experimental state, and probably will change in the next few versions untill it reachs a polished verions. So if you make your plugin, have in mind you will probably have to update it soon.

The new feature is basically a plugin's interface, so everyone can write plugins to extend Laigter. Right now, you need to know c++ and Qt, but perhaps that changes in future. Along with this feature, i made a normal brush plugin to test the interface, so users can modify normal maps by hand, and also check the code if they wanna make their own. This is how the plugin looks like:

You select the normal clicking on the sphere, the vector shows you the direction for a better understanding of what you are selecting. Radius slider lets you chose the size of the brush. Mix lets you decide how much should be blended into the normal map, and hardness means how fast the brush transparency decrease to the brush edges. For using the plugin you must click in the brush button to select it!

You have brush mode or eraser mode. In eraser mode, you can erase what you painter.

One important note is that you are painting on an overlay of the normal map! So you can still modify the underlying normal map with the controls. This means that you are painting on a layer above the normal map, and you can export the blended versions of this layer and the automatically generated normal map.

You can use the brush in any preview mode, but for this plugin, only normal map and preview are the only ones that are useful for this.

For using the plugin, you must download it, and install it with the new buttons in the toolbar. Just click on the "install plugin" button and navigate and select the downloaded plugin.

No undo/redo implementation is done yet, sorry.


Laigter 1.8 Portable
Dec 09, 2019
Laigter 1.8 Installer
Dec 09, 2019
Laigter 1.8 AppImage
Dec 09, 2019
Laigter 1.8 App
Dec 09, 2019
Normal Brush Plugin
Dec 09, 2019
Normal Brush Plugin
Dec 09, 2019

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