What will (hopefully) be included in Laigter 1.9

Hi everybody!

In this short post i will just show some new features and plugins that hopefully will be included with 1.9. This release will take a bit to be completed, not only because the amount of works is needed, but also because i'm really busy this days.

But before that, if you like Laigter, please consider supporting me for being able to work more time on it. And remember, Laigter is FREE and OPEN SOURCE!

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  • If you find a bug, report it as an issue on github!

If you have some money to spare and want to contribute with it, it's really helpful! you can:

I've already posted some of this on twitter, but i'll post here for those who does not follow me on that social network.

  • New Plugins:
    I'm working on two new plugins. One is a brush for painting heightmap, specular map, occlussion map and parallax map. Similar to the normal map brush, but this allows you to paint all this other maps that are grayscale by nature. The other one is a brush that lets you paint normals based on a texture. Here are some gifs that shows them in action:

  • Toon preview:
    I'm a big fan of toon looking games. So i tested a toon preview, and it got positive reactions on twitter, so i think i'm adding it as an optional feature to laigter. Here you can see it:

  • Project file for Laigter:
    The idea is to save a zip file containing all images and settings, and change the extension to *.laigter. This way you can re open previous work, and ever share your projects.
  • Support for grouping textures as layers, frames, or tiles.
    This probably won't be finished for 1.9, but i'll try. The idea is that you can define multiple textures to be part of the same group. This would make it easier to work with spritesheets for example, and even preview animations (that could be later implemented in a plugin). You could also make normals from merged versions of different layers, as it was requested by some users in the past.
  • Support for some sprite tools formats:
    It would be nice, imho, that you could open your aseprite or pixelorama project directly on laigter, and that all frames are imported. So you could work on them, and see them animated with lights! This probably won't be ready for 1.9, but again.. i'll try my best! Also, previous item is needed for this.

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