Laigter 1.8.1 bug-fix release is out!

Hi everybody!

Some time ago, an user reported an ugly bug here:
As this bug really affects the workflow of using Laigter, i decided to release a 1.8.1 bug-fix version today! The buf is fixed, although i couldn't reproduce the crash reported in the issue at the end.

Also, some changes have been produced.

  • The sliders now have an editable number, so you can precisely change them:
  • Simple Toon Shader preview has been aded. Its a very simple one, without ramps or anything, but it gives a nice preview:

Well, nothing more has been aded that is important to users, so other changes will be announced in 1.9.

See you soon!


Laigter 1.8.1 Portable
Feb 08, 2020
Laigter-1.8.1 Installer 19 MB
Feb 08, 2020
Laigter 1.8.1 Appimage
Feb 08, 2020
Laigter 1.8.1 app
Feb 08, 2020
Normal Brush Plugin Linux 273 kB
Feb 08, 2020
Normal Brush Plugin Windows 182 kB
Feb 08, 2020

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