Laigter has been awarded with an Epic MegaGrant!!!

Hi Everybody!!!

I'm really happy to announce that Epic Games has awarded Laigter wit a MegaGrant!!!

This is really amazing, and will allow Laigter to continue growing!

Thanks everyone for the support I have recieved so far!

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Great to hear. Just wondering if there's any chance to make laigter compatible with Game Maker Studio 2?

Anyways, good job!



If you can write shaders in Game Maker studio, then you can use normal maps! Other engines like godot and unity already have the feature built in, which makes it easier to use it! I'll look if i find anything with GameMaker2, but i think you will need to end up writting your own shaders.


Perhaps this is helpful for you:

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Sorry I missed this! lost internet for a bit. Thanks for pointing that link out. Look forward to seeing laigter grow.



well deserved


Congratulations my friend for the Epic Megagrant this tool is awesom!!!!