Laigter 1.9 Released!

Hi Everybody!

Today, a few days before LD jam, I'm releasing a new version with some fixes, more translations, and new features!

I could not add all expected features, but i wanted to release the version before LD jam, in cas someone wants to use it. This version should be much more stable.

But before we dive into changes, let me remind you that open source tools like laigter need your support!

  • Rate Laigter on itchio and start it on github!
  • Follow me on itchio and twitter!
  • Suggest new features or changes!
  • If you find a bug, report it as an issue on github!

If you have some money to spare and want to contribute with it, it's really helpful! you can:

Bug Fixes:

  • Brush cursor now should show in a more accurate position.
  • Fixed a bug that caused sometimes Laigter to crash when deleting a texture.

Backedn changes:

  • Rendering is being rewritten. In this case, i modified shaders to improve compatibility with older machines, and also changed the way the texture to show is selected, which should improve performance.
  • New custom classes for sprites and frames, in order to avoid some flickering and thread safe problems.
  • Changed use of cv::mat in various places in favour of QImage. The idea is to gradually get rid of opencv, as is too much library for what Laigter needs.
  • Changed how multi-threading processor updates the maps. That caused in the past to update more times than needed, or update them in a thread unsafe way, which caused flickers and crashes sometimes.

New features!

  • Animation Preview:
    Now you can add frames to your texture, by selecting "Add frames" action on context menu in the list of textures.

You can also load a sprite sheet and selet the option "Split in Frames" to make an animation from it. A new texture with the animation loaded will be created. Only spritesheest with same size for every frame is supported right now. New features in future, if requested.
The frames will be added to the sprite, and an animation will start playing. Also, an animation dock will appear when you click a sprite with animation support. This dock will let you play/pause animation, set frame rate, and select current frame.

Note that brushes aren't working correctly when animation is being played right now!

  • Now dock sizes and positions get saved between sessions! this mean you can move your docks arround and place them where you like. When you open Laigter next time, it will have the same layout!
  • Project File and load/save. Now you can save your project, and load it later, with all textures and settings saved! Just use the new icons on the toolbar: Note that this is experimental, and some settings may not get saved. Sorry for that, its hard to test everything by myself.
  • Texture blending in Maps preview. When using brushes for painting, it is useful to see the original sprite to know where to paint... so i added a slider to blend the original sprite with the map, in order the make paingint easier. You can see that slider below Pixelated and Toon checkboxes.

Well, i think thats all for now.
Thanks for your interest!


Laigter 1.9 Windows Portable
88 days ago
Laigter 1.9 Installer for Windows 19 MB
88 days ago
Normal Brush Plugin for Windows 187 kB
88 days ago
HSPO Brush Plugin for Windows 180 kB
88 days ago
Laigter 1.9 Linux
88 days ago
HSPO Brush Plugin for Linux 276 kB
88 days ago
Normal Brush Plugin for Linux 241 kB
88 days ago

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Great job with the animation feature!

Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

The link for Laigter 1.9 Linux is not linking for the right place:

The good link:

Oh yes, sorry... I made some wrong configuration in Travis CI and replaced the binary when i created the tag.

I fixed it now, sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi, thanks a lot for the update, it really looks like an awesome tool. I wanted to report the 1.9 Windows Portable download link seems to be broken.

Thanks for reporting! it should be working now!