First Laigter Non OpenCV Release available!

Hi Everybody!

As some of you may have heard, i was working really hard to get rid of opencv in Laigter. OpenCV is great and powerful, but it was a bit complicated to build in windows for some potential contributors, and also i just needed a couple functions from it. Also, for MacOS builds, the deploy tool included the whole opencv library, making laigter unnecessary heavy. 

So i worked hard to change opencv to CImg, a single header image processing lib. CImg is really great, but the drop on performance is considerable (surely because i have less experience with CImg than with OpenCV, so i'm not doing things right). The intention with this release is for users to test the version with CImg, notice changes, and evaluate if the drop in performance is acceptable.

Finally, let me remind you that open source tools like Laigter need your support! If you really like Laigter, please consider supporting one of this ways! it's really helpful! you can:

Thanks for reading! i'm looking forward to your comments!


Laigter 1.9.2 for Windows
44 days ago 24 MB
44 days ago
Laigter 1.9.2 for Linux
44 days ago
Laigter 1.9.2 for Mac (experimental!)
44 days ago
HSPO Brush Plugin for Windows 297 kB
44 days ago
Normal Brush Plugin for Windows 303 kB
44 days ago
Normal Brush Plugin for Linux 298 kB
44 days ago
HSPO Brush Plugin for Linux 281 kB
44 days ago

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