Version 1.0.0 Released!


I've finally released version 1.0.0, with the new features i talked about in last devlog.

I also updated the screenshots so you can make a more accurate idea of what laigter is.

WINDOWS Users: I had some problems in windows with big sprites. But then i could not reproduce them. Please tell me if laigter has any problem with you!

Don't forget to help me giving me your feedback! Also, follow me on twitter (@AzagayaVJ)!


laigter-setup.exe 16 MB
Apr 12, 2019
laigter-x86_64.AppImage 57 MB
Apr 12, 2019

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I'd love to see this tool support the DDS and TGA formats with the ability to support alpha channels and create parallax maps it could be a formidable tool if it did. Keeping an eye on this :)

thanks for the feedback! I'll have it in mind. In fact, i'm going to write this suggestions down so i don't forget!

Anytime :) I'm actually an X-Ray engine modder so I work a lot with DDS/TGA/normal/parallax maps if you need anyone to test new implemented features I'd be happy to help.


It would help a lot indeed! I've never used those formats, but as far as i know, both DDS and TGA are supported by Qt (which i'm using for this) with some limitations, so adding them shouldn't be a problem (i hope). About parallax maps, i must investigate how are they generated, and how to apply it on a GLSL shader for the preview. I've only seen parallax maps in 2D textures for 3D games.. Are they also used in 2D games?

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Yeah Parallax maps are used in 2D games as well, googling "scrolling parallax" should bring up some good examples. You can drop me a PM from this link;  and I'll give you my email so you can send me anything you'd like testing out.

EDIT: Quick example link for 2D parallaxing I don't know if the concept is the same in a 2D game for parallax as it is for a 3D game but parallaxing in your utility would certainly be awesome as its very intelligently laid out making it fast to use. I've used a lot of software for parallax maps and their all a pain in the arse except for njob but njob is a VERY simple piece of software and doesn't even support batch processing so making parallax maps with it is torture :p

Ok, i'll see what i can do! Right now i'm very busy at work, but i'll look at parallax maps generation when i have  free time! In the meantime, i'll try to add support to the formats you requested. I'll send you a PM later asking for sample images. Thanks a lot for your feedback and suggestions! I'll contact you as soon as i can some frew time.