Version 1.1.0! New features!

Hi everybody!

I've uploaded a new release of Laigter! This are the changes it brings!

Bug Fix:

I fixed some bugs that caused neighbour selector not to work properly in some images.

Small Changes:

Added some limited support for reading *.tga imgaes.

New Feature: Parallax Mapping!!!

This is the main change in Laigter. Now you can generate a parallax map for your texture! If you don't know what are parallax maps for, you can read this! basically, it allows you to create a depth effect, like the one you can see in this screenshot:

This is a game scene made with godot to show parallax mapping effect on a brick wall. You can see on it that bricks seems "3D". And this is not a fixed image! The perspective changes with the point of view of the camera (fixed in the center of the screen in this scene). That means that as you move, you can "see" bricks from different angles (see the videos on my twitter for a better look at the effect).

How do i make this effect with Laigter? Well, first we just load the desired texture:

You can see it's just a boring plain brick wall texture, isn't it? So, lets first create a normal map for it:

With this we can get a much better wall!

Cool right? but we want more! We want that the bricks look 3D! and that we can see them in different angles! So we need some 3D modeling rith? Well, not really, we just need parallax mapping. We can create a binary parallax map like this:

And get an effect like this:
Now bricks seem to come out from the wall!! And this is not just a static effect, it changes the angle with the point of view! Cool right?
Laigter also lets you create a parallax map from the heightmap, so some bricks can "come out" from the wall further than others. This is the parallax map created with heightmap:

And this is the parallax effect achieved!

Please, use this features with care!!
Known bugs:
Sometimes, when using parallax map, the preview seems a bit "glitched". Could not find why.. But just change to other kind of view (Texture, Normal Map or Parallax Map) and return again to preview and it will be fixed.

Usually, 2D game engines have normal map support built in, but parallax map is not as used, so in order to achieve the effect i show in first picture, you have to write your own shader. If you are using godot, just write me and i can tell you how i did.

Future of Laigter:
Next feature i want to implement is "Save/Load" presets, as it was asked by some users. Yes, i listent to your suggestions! In fact, parallax mapping was suggested by an user!
I'm thinking about releasing Laigter open source. This way i could get some help from other developers. I won't be able to offer payment to this developers (as i'm not earning almost anything either), but it would be nice to get some help! Developing something like Laigter is just too much work.

Please Support me!
You don't need to give me money to support me. I'm not doing this for a living, i'm doing it to help indie or hobbyist developers!! But you can support me giving me your feedback (pure gold for me), and suggesting new features. I'm all ears!
Anyway, if you want to help me with some money, you can also do it. Developing Laigter is hard, so every penny is welcome!


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May 18, 2019
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May 18, 2019

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