Bug Fixes and portable version!


As i wrote in my previous devlog, i found a bug that caused non square images to crash parallax-mapping, and the whole app in some cases.

Well, i've fixed that (i think)!

Also, while i was fixing that, i found another bug that caused normal maps being recalculated when editing a parallax map... so editing parallax map was slower than it should. It's fixed now!

Finally, i added a zip file containing all that is necessary to run the app, so now you can use it as a portable application without installing.

If you like the app consider supporting me! Feedback is really needed. Suggestions are always taken into account. And if you have some money to spare, every penny is welcome!


laigter-setup.exe 16 MB
May 24, 2019
Laigter-v111.zip 23 MB
May 24, 2019
laigter-x86_64.AppImage 57 MB
May 24, 2019

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