PIXEL ART and More Bugs Found :( but fixed now!!


I've found three more bugs, and i've already fixed them! Expect them in the next release soon!

Export to: This button was not doing anything.. fixed now.

Export all: This button exported both normal maps and parallax maps even if parallax checkbox was unchecked.

Pixel art: More than a bug fix, this is a "almost new" feature. I really didn't think about pixel art when programming Laigter, so the preview was always soften and did not look right with pixel art textures. I've added a checkbox to select if you want to work with pixel art or not.

Please, stay tuned to download new release soon!

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Drawings were made by Stephen Challener (Redshrike). I don't know him, but i got this art from opengameart.org, and it is great! Thanks Redshrike (wherever you are)!!