Version 1.4 Released!

Hi Everybody!

New Laigter release! which menas more bug fixes and a new feature!

Please, consider supporting in one of this ways if you like Laigter:
-Code with me! Now that Laigter is open source, you can help me improve it!
-Give me feedback! You can report issues on github or in Laigter's itchio page. You can also make suggestions in those places!
-Follw me in Twitter! @AzagayaVJ

You can also chose to pay something when downloading Laigter, or support me on patreon or via PayPal.


Bug Fix:
-Fixed a bug that caused specular map not being exported with "export all..."
-Fixed a bug in pixelate function, that caused bad pixelating effect...
-Fixed a bug that caused a white border to appear in certain images made with certain tools.
-Found a workarround to a bug that prevented windows to use Desktop Opengl, now windows user should notice higher performance.

-Now view mode is selected in a combobox, as the types of view are too much for radio buttons now.
-Layout of dockwidgets changed a little. Now Tile tools are no longer inside normal dock.
-Now Laigter use GLSL 130, to increase compatibility with older PC.

New Feature: Ambient Occlusion Map!
-Now Laigter allows the generation of an ambient occlusion map, to make ambient light affect less in some areas of the texture.


Laigter Appimage
Jul 11, 2019
Laigter Windows Installer
Jul 11, 2019
Laigter Windows Portable
Jul 11, 2019
Laigter's source
Jul 11, 2019

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