Laigter 1.5-beta released!


Today, a new release of Laigter is finally out! Sadly, i was to busy in my day job to add everything i wanted, but it's been a month since my last update, so i thought it was better to release it today, and add the rest of the features in the future.

Before going into the changes, I want to ask you for your support. You don't need to pay for Laigter (it's free and open source) but you can help me giving me your suggestions, reporting the bugs you find on github, and sharing Laigter to your gamedev friends! Also, following me on twitter will help me a lot (AzagayaVJ).

Anyways, if you want to contribute with money, you can buy Laigter for the price you think it worth from the page. Also, you can support me in Patreon and Kofi

Now, to the changes!

    • Export button in toolbar only exported normals. Now it correctly exports every map.
    • Normals generated for tileable textures with custom neighbours were wrong if one of the neighbours was empty. Fixed that!
    • This is not visible to user, and was what took me most of the time. Not rendering uses framebuffers, mainly to allow preview exporting, and future gpu-accelerated generation.
    • Now you can pass an "s" as a parameter to Laigter from console. This makes the tool use a soft opengl library. It's useful for devices that doesn't support Opengl 1.3 or above. Also, it fixes some bugs on windows (see note later).
    • Now rendering is done at a fixed rate, if changes are available. This reduce processor consumption (not tried in Windows yet).
    • Exporting Preview: This is the only feature i was able to include. Now the GUI has a button in the toolbar to export the preview of the current texture:

    • Just press the icon in the middle of the previous image and a file dialog will raise to allow you select where to save the preview.
    • With the current internal workflow, it was a bit hard to make the exporting of a preview just like the other exports, so for now, you will have to press that button and export previews one by one. Sorry for that.
    • Also note that a small difference is generated (couldn't find why) between the preview you see in the tool and the exported one. Hope it is enough for now.
    • I was reported that for some machines, using Intel's integrated graphic card could cause preview not generating correctly,
     and the sample maps were used instead of the current ones. If you have also an integrated graphic card, please use it to solve the problem. If you don't have another graphic card, you can execute Laigter from cmd with "s" parameter, which will make Laigter use software opengl. If you chose the installable version of Laigter, you can just add the "s" parameter to Laigter's shortcut like in the following image:

Thats all for now! Don't forget to follow me on and twitter! And please support me if you can!


Laigter 1.5.1 Installer for Windows
Aug 10, 2019
Laigter 1.5.1 Portable for Windows
Aug 10, 2019
Laigter 1.5.1 AppImage
Aug 10, 2019
Laigter's source code
Aug 10, 2019

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