Laiget 1.5.1 bug-fix to be released soon!

Hi everybody!

Since I released 1.5, some windows users reported Laigter crashed either when loading big images, or when trying to check "tile" checkbutton. So i'm going to release a 1.5.1 bug fix version between today and Sunday (days on my country).

The first issue was addressed making Laigter for windows a 64 bit binary. If you need 32bit release, please write it down in the comments, as i think i'm going to release only 64bits binaries for a matter of time.

The second issue was solved changing a bit the algorithm to calculate normals. I really don't know why it only crashed in windows, but now it's fixed.

This release is going to have also the possibility to use Laigter without gui, using some cli commands... This way, you can include Laigter's generation in a script of your own to automate the whole process. The CLI interface is experimental by now. It was made by Gnumaru! And this is the first PR i receive since Laigter is open source, so i'm really happy!

Sorry for all the inconveniences this bug may have caused to you.

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