Laigter 1.5.1 bug fix is out!

Hi everybody!

Today i'm releasing a small bug fix.

But first, remember that if you like my work, consider supporting me one of this ways:

  • Rate Laigter on itchio and start it on github!
  • Follow me on itchio and twitter!
  • Suggest new features or changes!
  • If you find a bug, report it as an issue on github!

If you have some money to spare and want to contribute with it, it's really helpful! you can:

  • Become my patreon! Thanks a lot to Ffyhlkain for becoming my first patreon!
  • Buy me a coffee!
  • Buy laigter on!

Now to the fixes!

  • Fixed a bug that caused Laigter to crash in some windows machines, when selecting tile checkbox.
  • Now Laigter for windows is 64 bits, so it can open bigger images. Still have to find why big images (above 4096x4096) are consuming so much ram, but now at least you can work with them.

New Feature!

Besides this being a bug fix release, i thought it may be cool to add the experimetnal cli interface that Gnumaru made! (check his profile!). Thanks a lot Gnumaru! the interface is very simple to use, and you can see available commands executing laigter from console with -h parameter.

Something more...

I've also added an about page, because i got my first patreon! thanks Patrick "Ffyhlkain" Henschel for trusting my work!
In that page, you can see credits to Patrick for being my patreon, and also to Gnumaru (in other tab) for contributing. Patreons will always be in the first tab, so it's the first thing you notice when opening about page. Also, if you bought Laigter on itchio, please send me an email if you want to appear in the credits, and tell me how you would like to appear. Just remember that patreons are going to have the main focus.

Well, that's all for now. I hope you find Laigter useful!

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