Laigter 1.6 is Out!

Hi everybody!

I'm happy to announce a new release of Laigter is out. As you may have already noticed, I launch minor version releases with each new feature I add to Laigter. This release includes the possibility of using multiple Light sources in Laigter's preview.

But before diving in the new feature, remember that if you like my work, consider supporting me one of this ways:

  • Rate Laigter on itchio and start it on github!
  • Follow me on itchio and twitter!
  • Suggest new features or changes!
  • If you find a bug, report it as an issue on github!

If you have some money to spare and want to contribute with it, it's really helpful! you can:

I currently have a full time job, and a part time job (i.e 1.5 jobs) and I program Laigter in my free time. If I manage to get some money, i would be able to gradually reduce the hours of my part time job and use them for Laigter (or other tools i may make in future).

Now, to the changes!

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused images loaded with cli not working properly.
  • Fixed a typo in open files dialog; thanks leiserfg!
  • Added some checks to enable both opencv3 and opencv4 to work (only noticeable for those who compile the sources)

Small changes:

  • Now if you can load images into the gui with the -d paramtere in the cli. Previously, it was only for non gui mode.
  • Now ambient like also affects background color. This is a test i thought it might be cool.
  • Some changes in OpenGL config changed for better preview (specially in parallax mapping).
  • Unified all shaders to a previous version, in order to work with older machines.
  • Now when you change a Color (of a light, background, etc) it will be updated on the fly! no need to click accept to see changes.
  • Now you change specular and diffuse color with the same button. This makes both colors are always the same. It's a test, as i always ended up using the same color for both, and it was annoying to have to change both colors. Can be reverted.

New Features:

  • Now, you can have multiple lights in the preview. There is a new tool bar button to add lights into the preview. That will attach a light to the mouse, and you can place it clicking in a place in the canvas. With right click you can cancel the operation of adding lights, or you can delete current lights. Last light will not be deleted (at least one Light must remain). After you finished adding the lights, toogle the tool bar button, or right click anywere, and you'll exit "adding light" mode. Then you can select each light and change its settings.

  • Now each texture will retain its own lights and lights settings. There is a checkbox near the Light Color button, which you can uncheck if you want to use the same lights config for all textures.
  • Now you can save lights textures in the presets! Just check the Light item in the list, and then save the preset! Of course you can also load them afterwards.

Well that's all for now! i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed programming it!


Laigter 1.6 Installer
Sep 04, 2019
Laigter 1.6 Portable
Sep 04, 2019
Laigter 1.6 AppImage
Sep 04, 2019
Laigter 1.6 DMG (experimental!)
Sep 04, 2019

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